Daily Bliss Plus

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Daily Bliss Plus is a caffeinated blend of lemon balm, rooibos, green tea, peppermint, rose petals & seasonally adjusted for Mexican mint marigold or tarragon.

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A caffeinated herbal tea for anxiety relief and mood support.

How to Brew:

For Daily Bliss Plus:

Use 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water.  Bring water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and immediately pour over herbs.  Allow to steep 7 minutes, remove herb.  Enjoy hot, warm or cold.

For cold tea –

Method 1:  Brew in half the water, then add ice.

Method 2:  Brew full strength, then allow to cool to at least 100 degrees.  Put in fridge overnight and enjoy the next day.

There you go! Perfect iced herbal tea!

For hot tea –

Add herb to hot water.  For a stronger tea, steep longer – be careful brewing longer, as some herbs will become bitter the longer they steep.  It is suggested to cover all tea while brewing in order to save the volatile oils.

Additional Tip –

Most teas can be brewed a second time!  They will not be as strong but will still be good.  Brew about 30% longer the second time you brew your herb.


If you have any questions about getting the perfect cup, please use the contact form below and we’ll be more than happy to answer all of your brewing questions!

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5 reviews for Daily Bliss Plus

  1. Joshua Reynolds

    This is a great tea. I drank it warm in the mid morning and was a nice little pick me up while also relaxing me a bit. Very interesting blend!

  2. Melinda

    This is easily my favorite product on the site! I drink this all day. I typically make a big pot, drink some hot and put the rest in the fridge for a refreshing drink throughout the day and night. I’m pregnant with pretty severe pregnancy sickness. I can’t keep down water, but the rest sooths my stomach and refreshes my mouth, which keeps me from getting sick, while keeping me hydrated. My two year old likes to drink this one too, but she has other favorites.

  3. angelagwilson511

    Love this blend!

  4. Brittany Bunch (verified owner)

    Not only does this tea taste AMAZING, it also helps to balance me out. I’m pregnant and hormonal, I was driving myself nuts and this tea seems to take the edge off plus gives me a little caffeine. My husband tried it for the first time today and says he wants to drink it like water! Lol So we will definitely be buying more!

  5. Amy Lauro

    I love this tea !!! I’ve been using the Fire Fighter tea blend. My digestion has improved a great deal.

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