Comfrey Plantain Herbal Healing Salve

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A wound healing expedient.

Ingredients: Comfrey, plantain, calendula, rosemary, olive oil & beeswax.

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This herbal healing salve was specifically designed to expedite healing of wounds on your body.  Our Comfrey and Plantain Salve will cut your healing time in half by applying to the exterior of the wound, whether that wound be a bruise, bone fracture, scratch or cut.  If applying to an open wound, make sure you have destroyed any microbial contamination before using.

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6 reviews for Comfrey Plantain Herbal Healing Salve

  1. Jason Reynolds

    This salve is fantastic. Last year while at work I hit my shin dead on with my 2.5 pound dead blow hammer swinging it as hard as possible. Needless to say this resulted in a nasty injury. I didn’t walk for days until the next Monday and I wouldn’t exactly call it walking, maybe hobbling. Lol. My leg had a golf ball sized welt on it that refused to heal-even 3 weeks later I was still limping around and the wound was still just as large and painful.
    I got just a sample size of this from Angela and the next morning the swollen wound was half the size and what was for 3 weeks a black and blue and purple shin and calf from my knee to my ankle was already returning to flesh tones. This was such a drastic turn of events I almost had to pinch myself to come back to sanity. I then cleaned up my leg and reapplied the salve and wrapped my leg back up, and when I stood up I was amazed again that the pressure that I had become so accustomed to when standing up was almost completely gone. After just 1 week of this treatment applying it 2 times a day my leg was completely back to normal. Color,size,feeling,pressure, pain-you name it the bad was gone and the normal had returned. Simply amazing salve.

  2. Melinda

    As I have mentioned in other reviews, we have an active toddler. She is constantly getting black eyes, bruises and cute all over. When she was barely 1, she busted her lip open, to the point I thought we were going to have to make an appointment for plastic surgery and stitches. It split all the way down past her lip, to her chin. I sprayed it and her mouth with silver spray! That took care of a lot of her pain and cleared the gushing blood. We immediately put an ice rag on it and slathered the area in comfrey (a baby gift we had received and had remained unopened) we had called her doctor to come in, but after about an hour the wound was closed up! She didn’t even complain about her lip hurting anymore. We canceled the appointment and over the next 3 days kept slathering her lip and chin in comfrey. After a week and now a year later, you can’t even see a scar, unless you know it happened. We are quick to grab the comfrey now as soon as she hits her head or gets a bump/cut (after thoroughly cleaning the wound, of course). I love having it when my lips get too chapped, especially during pregnancy sickness and recently the flu. It even keeps the skin around my nose from blistering after blowing it a million times. It’s better than any other product I’ve tried for wounds and bruising

  3. JJ

    I got stung by a bee today, and this salve was amazing! Within minutes, most of the initial sting of the sting was gone. In about hald an hour, almost all of the pain was gone. Wonderful stuff!

  4. Melinda

    2 weeks ago I was bitten on my arm by a Germain shepherd(my fault). Two of the punched tears were at least 3/4” deep, cut into my muscle. We cleaned it and applied the salve immediately. It’s been two weeks and the wound is just a tiny bit of healing left.

    Pro tips:
    Don’t seal the wound off: I bought the water proud bandages, sealing off the wound from fresh air. This didn’t allow for the pressure to be alleviate from the bruising.
    Don’t let it dry out completely: Use a sanitary gauze or similar and an ace bandage or reusable self adhesive bandage wrap, this will let the wound breath, while protecting it and keeping it wet. I started not wearing a bandage at night after it had almost completely closed. Unfortunately I slowed down healing because I forgot my salve and it dried out and scabbed. The scab prevented the last part of the wound from healing and made it harder to have the salve penetrate.
    Take it easy: day two I picked up my 35lbs 1yr old and felt my newly healed muscle tear a little. Lots of bruising, my arm was hard for two days. I was still wearing the sealed bandage at this point too.
    Exfoliate gently: dead skin will block salve, make you wound itchy and open you up to possible infection from bacteria. I lightly brushed my arm with a clean dry washcloth after a hot shower soak. Don’t go overboard
    Rest: the first two days I was very tired from healing so quickly. Resting is important for healing!
    Hydrate: your body needs water to heal and fight off infection.

    Check out the progress on my FB page


    Have a fast growing internal cyst. Wished I had tried this before taking antibiotics. Works VERY well without the side effects of prescriptions.

  6. Sarah

    I didn’t know this was for wounds and such. I’ve been using it on my daughter’s rash and diaper rash…. works wonderfully! And goes on so smooth!

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