Upcoming Events

Every Saturday!

Saturday markets rock!  We often have limited supplies of new products so it’s always a first come, first serve.  Mention this page to get 10% off an item of your choice!

Every Sunday! 

Sunday markets are fantastic.  They are much more laid back and while everyone is having fun, you’ll find you have more time to look around and get to know the vendors a little more.  If you are used to Saturday markets, you should try visiting us on a Sunday. 

We are not always at all mid-weeks, but you can always call, text or email to find out if we’ll be there!


Weekday markets are a good choice for those who have obligations on the weekends or like to get out in the evenings.  

The following markets are once a month.


Monthly markets are great for us because everything we sell lasts longer than a month!  It’s perfect for coming out just once and stocking up for your next month’s supply!