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Herbal medicine and living healthily aren’t always deep, intense, and serious. There’s a lot of fun to be had… a lot of stories to appreciate… a lot of creativity to marvel at and then copy… a lot of inspiration. This series will gather good ideas that use healthy products and words from people who have something valuable to say about getting “Back to Good.”

To kick off the series, what about a yummy gummi made with elderberry syrup and only a couple of other ingredients? Give a boost to your household’s immune systems by using Angie’s Elderberry & Echinacea Syrup when you make this recipe. Summer-bored kids can make their own and begin the whole project by discovering everyday items around the house that can also serve as gummi molds.

While the simple recipe calls for gummi molds, any small mold will do. You can even “find” household things to shape the gummies: bottle caps, muffin tin bottoms with aluminum foil dividing fences, shot glasses, and ice cube trays come to mind. Molds that create larger pieces should be poured shallowly, so the candy is thinner.

The kids are home, or our work schedule is somewhat relaxed, and, besides, it’s summertime. Well, here’s a healthy treat that stretches the imagination and lets kids and adults alike flex their self-sufficiency muscles.

Don’t go easy with creative thinking, though. The recipe specifies the bare minimum of ingredients. What about other healthy ingredients you may have in your cabinets?

Use a different sweetening agent, for example. Or replace water with a fruit juice. Use some syrup from your home-canned fruit for both liquid and sweetener. Or add edible essential oils, spice, or flavor extracts to the mix. Embed a few bits of minced dried fruit.

Who knows? Homemade gummies may become your go-to contribution to school celebration snacks.

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Here’s the recipe How to Make Your Own Elderberry Gummies.

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