10 Practical Tips

Welcome to the last tip in this first series from the founders of Angie’s Gardens, a Texas-based herbal blends business that makes products containing cannabidiol, elderberry, fennel, and many other health-related herbs. This series concentrates on the beginning stages of a business. Future series will focus on other aspects of alternative medicine.

In our quest to assist people when they wish to move “Back to good,” we have discussed several aspects of doing business. Last week we talked about marketing products so they appeal to potential clients and also stay comfortably within current legal definitions of herbal products. If you missed that tip or the those that preceded it, start here – Starting a CBD Business, Tip 9.

Here is Tip 10, a critically important facet for a reputable business.

10. Buy from a Wholesaler That Does the Verification for You

Angie’s Gardens has invested years to acquire best-quality, consistent, and available sources for the organic herbal remedy compounds. Further, we visit each supplier and grower if humanly possible, test ingredients ourselves, and outsource any testing that’s beyond our lab’s capability. Still, each ingredient shipment is a single point in time. Crops, batches, and packaging runs differ. It behooves us to be unfailingly vigilant.

That’s why we buy ingredients from suppliers with robust quality control procedures in place. We want to know that each shipment they send contains exactly and only what we ordered: high-quality, pure, unadulterated, well-manufactured ingredients for the mixtures we produce and sell. We focus a high level of attention on the processes of each vendor from which we buy even a single tea or lip balm ingredient or packaging item. We also carefully watch which sources officials cite for quality and safety infractions, when the fault occurred, why, and whether the problem has been rectified.

Get It Right Every Single Time

It helps no one to receive a good Angie’s Garden product this time, one that helps them get “Back to good,” and a lifeless product another time. We refuse to let that happen. Our suppliers feel the same way. We encourage you, as first priority, to search out the most reliable vendors. Revisit your supply chain frequently to assure yourself that you produce only the top-notch, pure, dependable products your advertising language describes.

Maybe a good business niche for your CBD business would be to buy wholesale from us and repackage. Count on it: Angie’s Gardens will check out, visit, digest scientific testing results, and actually test every element of every product we sell.

What’s Next?

We hope you have found these articles useful. We hope we’ve called attention to several facets that will serve you well as you build your business in the herbal wellness world. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us with comments or questions. And please don’t become strangers: we’ll be back next Saturday with another series.

Question for Us All

Can you publicly vouch for one or more of your suppliers?

Give them quality. That’s the best kind of marketing.”
~ Milton Hershey

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