10 Practical Tips

It’s a privilege to work in a helping field: helping to match people’s ills with products that may bring them to better health. As with any business, though, it’s critical to work through the less exciting facets that ensure our products and services sit atop a firm foundation.

Angie’s Gardens has spent several years developing both the business foundation and the product lines that match our mission statement. In last week’s article, we offered stories and suggestions that help new businesses to receive funds. If you missed that tip or the three tips that preceded it, start here – Starting a CBD Business, Tip 4.

Now let’s move on to Tip 5.

5. Hire a CBD-Friendly Web Host

Search engines, Facebook, and other internet giants still are hostile toward herbal remedies in general and CBD in particular. They seem to think that approaches to long-term health that veer from the traditional Western medical world’s models must be scams, and perhaps dangerous. Because of this, some website hosts fear that supporting websites that sell herbal products, including CBD, will lose them clients.

Often these hosting services would rather kick your CBD company off their system than deal with a flurry of client complaints. Having launched your business website and even conducted business for some time, you may suddenly face a “site unavailable” dilemma.

Be Loyal

Continuous website visibility and email flow is vital!

You’ll be ahead with respect to time, energy, and money if you establish your website from the very beginning with a trusted hosting solution that is aware of and comfortable with your focus on CBD.

Angie’s Gardens works with GetaHostNow.com because the founder not only has agreed to support CBD websites, but also is supportive of expansion of this market – and wants to help. Gaining admittance to GetaHostNow depends on careful screening, because they also wish to keep their service running. It’s well worth your time to join their client list, or that of a similar hosting service.

Question for Us All

Of course it’s wise to stick with a hosting service that stands by us and our business. What other steps can we take to calm the suspicion other services harbor?

Please share this post with others! See you next week with Tip #6.

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